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:: Trivia :: Coming from the Latin, ‘tri-‘,meaning ‘three’ and ‘via’, meaning ‘road’ or ‘the way’.  Trivium thus meant “the meeting place of three roads, especially as a place of public resort.” People actually met at that point and discussed interesting topics, such as a rhetoric would. In the Roman empire, a trivium would often […]

CNN would like to inform you about the U.S. Government’s status before you hit the polls on November 7, 2006 All shows air at 8pm and 11pm ET Monday :: Do-nothing Congress Tuesday :: Two left feet Thursday :: Power Play Friday ::Where the right went wrong Saturday :: Judges on trial Tune in tonight […]

No means No.


Okhi Day Celebrated throughout Greece on October 28 each year, Oki Day (also spelled Ohi Day, Oxi Day, or Ochi Day, Greek: Επέτειος του «’Οχι», Anniversary of the “No”) commemorates Greek dictator (in power from August 4, 1936 until January 29, 1941), Ioannis Metaxas standing up against an ultimatum made by Italian dictator Mussolini on […]



I have been finding lots of fun random things lately and this was quite “unique”. I introduce you to Pee&Poo. Yeah, you read that right. You might have seen a similar theme here, but this is on the other side of the spectrum… You can purchase plush toys, key-chains, apparel, underwear [didn’t see that one […]

Funky Ts



Hoops and Yoyo


Need a break from work? A good laugh to get you through the day? Wanna make someone else smile? I’m telling you, Hoops and Yoyo do it for me. Swing by their site and view some of their cards [in many languages!] – a guaranteed giggle at least [if you are a tough one]. |by […]

Google, now offers us a customized search engine. For our own website, blog, company – you name it. Well, ta-da! Here is the Google Custom Search Engine. Specify the sites you want to include in searches. Place a search box and search results on your website. Customize the look and feel to match your website. […]