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Did you know that you can find farmers in your area that will deliver fresh produce, honey and cut flowers for an entire season for about $50-200? Split it with the fam, roommates or a neighbour and it sounds like a deal to me! Go to and click on CSA to find your local […]

If you haven’t seen the most unique and annoying advertisement in the world, please click here to see it. Simply repeating the products’ name forces you to remember the product itself, not necessarily purchasing it. First off, applying a glue-stick like product to your forehead to escort a headache out of your system. [seems placebo-like […]

I do. It’s Pluto. Oh wait he’s not a plant anymore. How are you going to explain that to my childhood fantasy? Tell me, how? I’m fascinated by this “change” but more on the fact that we can just change things around cause with named/labeled them in the first place. The glory of Pluto lasted […]

What is this? I had to blink a couple times before realizing that it was true. A white bus drive ordered “black” kids to sit in the back two rows of a school bus, while the “white” kids could sit anywhere they wished. It is sad to see this happen in the year of 2006 […]

Emmy “statuette awarded by the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,” 1949, said to be an alteration of Immy, from image. Etymoline Post Scriptum :: For the etymology lovers, here is an awesome game: Moot

I am aware that mostly businesses use GoogleMini but today was the first time I came across an article about a University using it [Missouri State University]. How many times have you tried searching for something on a University’s site via their search function and not find what you needed in seconds? I know I […]

Vino vs. Carro?


“About 1.1 billion bottles’ worth of wine from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Hungary ended up at facilities like Caviro. It was converted ubti a total of 95 million gallons of ethanol – enought to power 6,277 cars in Swedenthat run on a mix of bio-ethanol and petroleum for more than a year.” [Wired Magazine, […]