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Turning modern but revitalizing the ancient. Taking a step forward and going universal. According to Kenneth Frampton, critical regionalism should adopt modern architecture critically for its universal progressive qualities but at the same time should value responses particular to the context. Emphasis should be on topography, climate, light, tectonic form rather than scenography and the […]

All hits 70s. All the time. Currently listening to: Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces The rest of the playlist here. The best genre of music to play as an up-lifter. My friends can point, laugh and giggle but the disco beats were always in me. I sometimes believe I was born at […]

A different kind of graffiti biz – do it, hide it, look for it at other hotels. I love it! Semi-vandalism points but hey it can be considered art! Their MySpace page. Their website.

• Woman, died of water intoxication – aka hyponatremia. She was holding her wee to win a Nintendo Wii for her kids. Clever contest idea – gone downhill. Most water intoxication is caused by hyponatremia, an overdilution of sodium in the blood plasma, which in turn causes an osmotic shift of water from extracellular fluid […] Is the place to write and find a review for restaurants, arts & entertainment, hotels, education, active life, mass media, local flavor, night life…you name it, pick the city and bounce out the door. One more social networking site, with a different spin on it. Here is a random profile of a yelper for […]

The MAKE “Daisy” MP3 Player Kit “Can’t find an open source mp3 player? Neither could we. Here’s an idea: Build your own. Daisy is an easy-to-build, pocket-sized open source MP3 player. Producing sound as good as an iPod, the Daisy can access 65,000 tracks, play 48khz WAV files as well as mp3’s, and has batteries […]

Universal Everything is for >   > Advanced Interactive Design > Mobile Device Content > Retail Environments > Broadcast Design > Moving Image > Branding / Identities > Advertising Art Direction > Print / Packaging Design > Sound Design > Architectural Graphics > Exhibition Design > Exhibition Curation > Gallery Installations :: They operate as […]