9/11 :: Why relive it?


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“It’s been five years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon—yet a growing chorus of conspiracy theorists accuses the U.S. government of carrying out the attacks. Popular Mechanics executive editor David Dunbar, contributing editor Brad Reagan and editor-in-chief Jim Meigs joins me for a detailed discussion of reporting behind the new Popular Mechanics book Debunking 9/11 Myths: Why Conspiracy Theories Can’t Stand Up To Hard Facts in this special edition of The Popular Mechanics Show. Also joining us to help walk us through a detailed analysis of World Trade Center conspiracy theories is former Deputy Fire Chief of the New York City Fire Department Vincent Dunn.”


2 Responses to “9/11 :: Why relive it?”

  1. 1 Trashmouth

    All the reports of that day actually support the “conspiracies.” I always wonder why the official story is not questioned. When several highjackers end up alive and well in the middle east and the wanted list isn’t changed…when Osama Bin Laden’s FBI profile doesn’t include anything on the September 11 attacks…

  2. There are so many reports pointing at American secret services! The “free world” has too many secrets! Too many lies told!

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