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The appropriate movie to see on St.Patty’s night -> a good excuse to hide from a stupid spring snow blizzard.





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What better way to let loose on a Saturday morning?

Idea by: New Mind Space

I got attacked by a pillow-fight-master, probably because I was lame and didn’t have a pillow with me.

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“At Flip, you can make your own digital scrapbooks, zines, and photo albums, called flipbooks. Just upload your songs, photos, or movies, then design your own pages. When you’re all done, publish them and share your flipbooks with your friends.”

Lets see how this one goes.


Make restaurant reservations online. They have international listings available too. Tres cool.

Turning modern but revitalizing the ancient. Taking a step forward and going universal.

According to Kenneth Frampton, critical regionalism should adopt modern architecture critically for its universal progressive qualities but at the same time should value responses particular to the context. Emphasis should be on topography, climate, light, tectonic form rather than scenography and the tactile sense rather than the visual.

“Architect Virginia San Fratello won this year’s Next Generation ideas competition, sponsored by Metropolis magazine, with her proposed Hydro Wall. Her challenge now will be getting the digital image, rendered in the 3-D modeling program Form•Z, “out of the computer,” as she says, referring to the process of building a prototype.

The Hydro Wall is an ingeniously conceived building component that collects rainwater from the roof and stores it in a rubber “bladder” inside the wall to serve as a thermal mass. Intended for hot climates with sharp daily swings in temperature, the wall would reduce air-conditioning costs and energy consumption by preventing the sun’s heat from radiating through exterior walls during the day. The water — one of nature’s best thermo conductors — would store the excess heat inside the wall, and a heat-transfer system could be installed to blow the warm air into the interior at night when temperatures drop. The water could also be used to irrigate plants growing from pockets embedded in the wall’s surface.” source

More details: Business week article

All hits 70s. All the time.

Currently listening to: Average White Band – Pick Up The Pieces

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The best genre of music to play as an up-lifter. My friends can point, laugh and giggle but the disco beats were always in me. I sometimes believe I was born at the wrong time 😛 [thanks mom]

Anyways, 70s is the music to put everyone in a good mood [whether they want to admit it or not]

Music in the office – always a plus to getting stuff done and actually enjoy it too.

About Sky.fm:

Sky.fm is an Internet radio network offering a variety of channels for your enjoyment. It is owned and operated by Digitally Imported Inc out of New York (USA), and yet maintained by various talented individuals located all over the world.

Our radio channels are produced *by* music lovers and *for* music lovers, and much of the work put in is labor of love. In the future we hope to have a more detailed “who is who” page of our crew.

Sky.fm is the second brainchild of Digitally Imported. The first being “Digitally Imported Radio” or DI.fm which is a separate sister radio network specializing in electronic music since the start of the year 2000. Do check us out there as well!