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I’ve always skipped this show due to it’s title but today I decided to sacrifice some time and check it out. It was before 11pm so I figured it wouldn’t be as graphic. Yup – people pick a song, introduce themselves and strip to the music video. Uh huh –  on TV. Your english teacher, […]

Wired NextFest


IMG_0442Originally uploaded by strzelecki1. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to Wired NextFest. If you will be in New York this weekend, I would suggest you stop by. Take off your trendy shades and turn your digi cam on! If you go – let me know how it was. And take pics – please! […]

companion Latin: cum + panis = with + bread. Back in the Roman times, friends would cut a loaf of bread in half and share it. Hense the definition of the word companion today. Etymonline AspriLexi

Yes, as understood, this book tells young ones that everyone defecates. Two opinions: 1. Everyone does it. Feel free to express this to your kids. 2. Everyone does it. But do we have to talk about it? A review from Amazon nicely form the 2nd opinion: “We are told about big poop and little poop, […]

A must, to watch! I’d love to hear your comments.

55 degree East Longitude & 25 degree North Latitude = The World [on the map] 300 islands mapping out the countries of our planet The same group that built the Emirates Towers and the Royal Mirage are bringing you another grand attraction in Dubai. The World is now in a “taking shape” status.

These guys are amazing.