Hoops and Yoyo



Need a break from work? A good laugh to get you through the day? Wanna make someone else smile? I’m telling you, Hoops and Yoyo do it for me.

Swing by their site and view some of their cards [in many languages!] – a guaranteed giggle at least [if you are a tough one].

|by Hallmark|


4 Responses to “Hoops and Yoyo”

  1. 1 Pat Duffy


  2. Thank you for the card!! I lurved it.

  3. 3 Diana

    I love these cards, they do make you laugh and they have so many different ones. Keep it up

  4. 4 Beertje

    When your down, look at these cards, they chear your up. They are great. Satisfaction garanteeed.
    I send many of these cards by mail and by post to my friends. They love them, also .

    Love these cards.

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