A different kind of graffiti biz – do it, hide it, look for it at other hotels. I love it! Semi-vandalism points but hey it can be considered art!

Their MySpace page.

Their website.


• Woman, died of water intoxication – aka hyponatremia. She was holding her wee to win a Nintendo Wii for her kids. Clever contest idea – gone downhill.

Most water intoxication is caused by hyponatremia, an overdilution of sodium in the blood plasma, which in turn causes an osmotic shift of water from extracellular fluid (outside of cells) to intracellular fluid (within cells). The cells swell as a result of changes in osmotic pressure and may cease to function. When this occurs in the cells of the central nervous system and brain, water intoxication is the result. Additionally, many other cells in the body may undergo cytolysis, wherein cell membranes that are unable to stand abnormal osmotic pressures rupture, killing the cells. Initial symptoms typically include light-headedness, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache and/or malaise.

This mother, competed in a radio contest [KDND 107.9, Sacramento, CA] to win a Wii for her children. She started having a headache and left the station. If she would have stayed, who knows – they might have saved her.

So tragic.

Jennifer Strange [ironic last name] – age 28.

How will her kids ever play Wii again?


Is the place to write and find a review for restaurants, arts & entertainment, hotels, education, active life, mass media, local flavor, night life…you name it, pick the city and bounce out the door.

One more social networking site, with a different spin on it.

Here is a random profile of a yelper for you to check out.

The MAKE “Daisy” MP3 Player Kit

“Can’t find an open source mp3 player? Neither could we. Here’s an idea: Build your own. Daisy is an easy-to-build, pocket-sized open source MP3 player. Producing sound as good as an iPod, the Daisy can access 65,000 tracks, play 48khz WAV files as well as mp3’s, and has batteries that you can actually change. But the big thing about Daisy is the ease with which it interfaces with so many devices, including the Make Controller.”

Get “Daisy” here.
Make Magazine is one I was not familiar with. It seems fairly new. All the fun projects and kits they offer [which you can submit] are worth checking out:

:: Resistor Ring 

:: Personalized Guess Who

Click around more- for those you think, assemble (and disassemble) and re-create!

Universal Everything is for >
> Advanced Interactive Design
> Mobile Device Content

> Retail Environments
> Broadcast Design

> Moving Image
> Branding / Identities

> Advertising Art Direction
> Print / Packaging Design

> Sound Design
> Architectural Graphics

> Exhibition Design
> Exhibition Curation

> Gallery Installations

:: They operate as an ever-expanding global network of designers, programmers, musicians and animators.

:: Universal Everything is a virtual, multidisciplinary studio led by Matt Pyke. From his home office in Sheffield, England, Matt collaborates with designers, programmers, musicians, and animators all over the world. UE has an extensive client list, including Nike, MTV, Samsung, and CNN, and is involved in ongoing collaborative art projects.

:: Apparently Mike will be at the Apple store in Soho Thursday, January 18th, 4:30-6:00pm


Global warming has done its magic once again. How is it that the East Coast saw some fluries for about 15 minutes this week and the Midwest and South have had their 2nd ice storm?? No common sense whatsoever, considering the geography. But then again, they are smack right in the center of all of us – so they get the “leftovers” from the rest of the states.

Hope you are doing well my STL buds.

Beautiful photos of the winter weather there, here. [Don’t know how beautiful it is to them, ha]

Wired Magazine testing the waters on TV! Watch the pilot episode.

“WIRED SCIENCE is a one-hour primetime program that translates WIRED Magazine’s award-winning journalism into a fast-paced television show. A co-production of KCET/Los Angeles, the West Coast flagship station of PBS, and WIRED, the pre-eminent science and technology magazine, WIRED SCIENCE brings WIRED Magazine’s cutting edge vision, stylish design, and irreverent attitude to the screen with breakout ideas, recent discoveries, and the latest innovations.”

Local TV listings.

Wired Science’s blog