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I stumbled upon these while looking for unique holiday gifts. Perpetual Kid | :: | Spoon Sisters | :: | Fred Toys | Advertisements

Yes, within 30 mins, Mark Zuckerberg made twice as much as what he normally makes from Facebook. Petitions and riots, strangers joining others in numerous groups created against the new feature Facebook released. It’s called the “News Feed” and once you log onto your account you are blasted with lines of information about everything and […]

I don’t know about you, but Pee Wee Hermann creeped me out when I was young. Maybe I just didn’t get it or there was too much going on in one scene. From the colours, the furniture, the decorations, the symbols – his house is messed up! It surprises me how we [my generation] watched […]

Did you know that you can find farmers in your area that will deliver fresh produce, honey and cut flowers for an entire season for about $50-200? Split it with the fam, roommates or a neighbour and it sounds like a deal to me! Go to and click on CSA to find your local […]

Vino vs. Carro?


“About 1.1 billion bottles’ worth of wine from France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Hungary ended up at facilities like Caviro. It was converted ubti a total of 95 million gallons of ethanol – enought to power 6,277 cars in Swedenthat run on a mix of bio-ethanol and petroleum for more than a year.” [Wired Magazine, […]

Miss teen?


After watching something educational on the History Channel I decided to observe Miss Teen USA 2006. Oh joy. I’ve played the guessing game of what age girls are at the mall, at work, anywhere really. Teenyboppers, Prostetots are other names for them… But seriously, it is scary to see 15-18 year olds start pampering themselves […]

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What do you refer to this continent/where you live as? “America”, “North America”, “United States” or something else? I ask because in most places abroad they teach you in school that the continents are the following: Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America. Whereas here I believe, it is just “America” and maybe “The […]