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I do. It’s Pluto. Oh wait he’s not a plant anymore. How are you going to explain that to my childhood fantasy? Tell me, how? I’m fascinated by this “change” but more on the fact that we can just change things around cause with named/labeled them in the first place. The glory of Pluto lasted […]

What is this? I had to blink a couple times before realizing that it was true. A white bus drive ordered “black” kids to sit in the back two rows of a school bus, while the “white” kids could sit anywhere they wished. It is sad to see this happen in the year of 2006 […]

Why is it that a human life is valued more than an animal’s? I ask this in reference to the decision of putting an animal to sleep. I am aware that situations may vary, but I have never heard anyone say “Hey, lets put grandma to sleep. She is in pain and doesn’t seem happy”. […]

I was having dinner earlier and listening to news. The same news of the last three days, cause that’s what local news like to broadcast here. And then the weather comes on. And I thought of the statistics I heard about from Fox news on the radio the other day [I hate Fox cause they […]

Plan B


So Here are my thoughts about the “morning after pill”, aka Plan B. I was sick of flipping through news channels and hearing about it minute after minute. So instead of changing the channel or walking way, I did some research. The issue is about the FDA approving it to be sold over the counter […]