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Kakuro is the new Sudoku if you haven’t heard. My ex-roommate introduced it to me a couple months ago, but I was still hooked Sudoku at the time. If you are into mind puzzling/arithmetic games, try it out. An entire blog on the game, at Krazydad And free prints outs of Kakuro at all levels. […]

Labor (n.) c.1300, “exertion of the body,” from O.Fr. labour (Fr. labeur), from L. laborem (nom. labor) “toil, pain, exertion, fatigue, work,” perhaps originally “tottering under a burden,” related to labere “to totter.” The verb is c.1300, from M.Fr. labourer, from L. laborare, from labor. The verb in modern Fr., Sp., Port. means “to plow;” […]

If you haven’t seen the most unique and annoying advertisement in the world, please click here to see it. Simply repeating the products’ name forces you to remember the product itself, not necessarily purchasing it. First off, applying a glue-stick like product to your forehead to escort a headache out of your system. [seems placebo-like […]

Emmy “statuette awarded by the American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences,” 1949, said to be an alteration of Immy, from image. Etymoline Post Scriptum :: For the etymology lovers, here is an awesome game: Moot

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