Subway Hero



Earlier this week, a 50-year-old NYC construction worker jumped into the path of a moving subway train to save the life of a stranger:

“[Wesley Autrey] gave this account: He was in the station in upper Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon when Hollopeter, also waiting on the platform, seemed to collapse during a seizure. Autrey used a pen to get Hollopeter’s tongue out of his throat. Hollopeter stood up, then staggered and fell between the tracks.

As the train neared, Autrey pinned Hollopeter in the trough by lying on top of him, face to face. But the student kept struggling. “Don’t move!” Autrey said. “Or one of us is going to lose a leg.”

Subway car brakes screeched. One car passed overhead, then a second. Then came silence, followed by the wailing from the platform of his daughters, who’d just seen their father run over.

“We’re OK,” Autrey yelled to bystanders on the platform. “I got two daughters up there. Let ’em know their father’s OK!”

“Who are you?” asked Hollopeter.

“Someone who saved your life,” replied Autrey.

Link to USA Today account, which includes the diagram above. Mr. Autrey appeared on Letterman last night, and Gawker posted about it here. Gothamist’s post is here. (Thanks, Sven-Erik and John Parres)”

2 Responses to “Subway Hero”

  1. 1 Third Rail

    Yeah, I watched the interview on Letterman! Wild story. Pretty incredible too the length Autrey went to save the other guy, putting his own life in jeopardy.

  2. I had conversation about this about three times throughout my day, the other day. One gentleman said – It’s astonishing to see one man risk his life for another man. It’s the most amazing thing a human could do. Hm…

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