“No one knows when it’s going to happen except God and President Bush”


…and it did at 10pm ET. Yup, Saddam was hanged.

NYTimes source

CNN.com source

I do have to share this quote from CNN.com’s article:

“White House deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel said President Bush was asleep when the execution took place and was not awakened. The president had been briefed by national security adviser Stephen Hadley before retiring and was aware the hanging was imminent, Stanzel said.”

I love how that has to be added to the article and reach every reader across this world. Don’t ya feel proud? Sweet dreams Mr. President.

:: Randomness

–wikipedia.org source

“The word game hangman uses a stick-figure drawing of a hanged person as a method of keeping score. In films like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Back to the Future Part III, victims are often saved by their accomplices who shoot the rope with a gun just in time. However, the television show MythBusters showed that this was not possible and took several well-placed shots to break the rope.”

At present, only the states of Washington and New Hampshire still retain hanging as an option. Laws in Delaware were changed in 1996 to specify lethal injection, except for those convicted prior to 1996 who were sentenced to hanging. These convicts were allowed to choose lethal injection, but in 1996 Billy Bailey, who was given the choice, chose to hang. This was the last hanging in the country. Since the hanging of Bailey, no Delaware prisoner fits in this category, thus the practice is ended de facto, and the gallows have been dismantled. In New Hampshire, if it is found to be “impractical” to carry out the punishment of death by lethal injection, then the condemned will under the law be hanged.[12] Other forms of capital punishment, such as the electric chair and more recently lethal injection, have largely replaced hanging.

The last public hanging legally conducted in the United States (and also the last public execution in the United States) was that of Rainey Bethea, who was publicly hanged on August 14, 1936, in Owensboro, Kentucky.”


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