2000 post-its create an Elvis mosaic




GIGO is an acronym that stands for “garbage in- garbage out.” Since many useful items may be on their way in to the local landfill to become garbage, we provide a method to distribute these items out to the local community.

We follow one simple rule:  EVERYTHING IS FREE!

» All items posted on our site are free to pick up, and of course free to list.
» It’s free to register and you can use your account nationwide.
» Results tailored to the proximity of a zip code that you specify.
» Individual or Organization accounts. Gigoit is convenient to all parties.
» Gigoit Karma System. To promote user trust and responsibility.


3 Responses to “2000 post-its create an Elvis mosaic”

  1. hey, this is my fiance’s site! 🙂 and that mosaic was one of the fake posts I made!

    hehe. Gigoit’s gonna be awesome though. we have been working so hard on it. well, mostly Peter, but yeah. If you want any postcards/buttons/stickers let me know… It officially launches January 1st.

  2. Oh P.S. the mosaic photos came from here if you’ve never seen it:


  3. What are the odds Janet? How cool! I now rings a bell -as to where I’ve seen that site before!


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