Without purpose


There is no escaping reason, there is no denying purpose, because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist. It is purpose that created us, purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us, it is purpose that defines and binds us.

I found this quote saved on my computer. I can’t remember when or who said it, yet it is the most beautiful thing I’ve read today.

2 Responses to “Without purpose”

  1. I think it’s from Agent Smith in The Matrix Reloaded right before a big fight with Neo. That means the author of the quote is one of the Wachowski brothers. Purpose is an interesting construct. Where does it come from? Do we have it imposed on us? Can we choose it? What do we do with it?

  2. I wouldn’t use the word – imposed -, yet it is within us. It was always there. We develop it or -chose it-. You do something with it once you find it, or you just do it indirectly/subconsciously. Sometimes, it may be in front of you and you may not even see it…

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