Couch surfing


I’ve heard of family/vacation swaps but this is a new one to me:


Yup – you can offer your couch to someone for the night. Maybe just go out for a drink, show you around town – basically delete modern day suspicions and have a great time with strangers!

You can search for a couch all over the world, check references, photos, info, see others friends. Another social networking pattern taking place online. From getting a ticket to visit a place, make new friends – who knows even a little bit or romance…

“The project is the brainchild of Casey Fenton, who refused to let limited cash keep him from traveling to Iceland. Fenton got hold of a university list serve and e-mailed hundreds of local students asking for a place to crash. Within minutes he was inundated with dozens of e-mails from students offering their couches and their friendship to this stranger. Couch Surfing is a free, nonprofit service with more than 60,000 members who host people from all seven continents and close to 200 countries. The site is even posted in 12 different languages.”


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