“The other way to Search”


Oh, Snap.

Search :: Preview your result in the window to the right :: Copy/paste it into your email application if you would like :: Adjust the windows :: Add adult warnings :: etc.

Snap — The other way to Search

Snap is a new search engine that offers a very different alternative to the Big Search, Text-In, Text-Out, method. Snap is visual. Snap is fast. Snap is Interactive.

The Snap Difference #1:    Fast Visual Display of Results Previews

We believe the visual display of data along with text is better than text alone. Users can better judge a result to be good for their search if they see it rather than read it. When Snap returns results, we show you a preview of the result. The Snap Results-Left/Preview-Right interface concept eliminates much of the guesswork of search, and thus greatly reduces the number of unproductive back and forth clicks to determine if a site is worth your time. We call this Fast Browsing.

The Snap Difference #2:   Actively Anticipating Your Intent

From the moment you type one letter in our search box, Snap begins to actively anticipate your intent. A drop down menu appears instantly, offering popular search terms, synonyms, and other suggestions that greatly speed your search experience.

There are also fun widgets…you can type in a zip code and a map pops up to the right.     If you add “weather” next to the zip, the relative info is shared as well.

For those who are interested in this new search engine ideavirus – here is more
|Info taken from Snap|


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