Find out more about (Red)
“(RED) was created by Bono and Bobby Shriver, Chairman of DATA to raise awareness and money for The Global Fund by teaming up with the world’s most iconic brands to produce (PRODUCT)RED branded products. A percentage of each (PRODUCT)RED product sold is given to The Global Fund. The money helps women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

What’s the meaning of the parentheses or brackets? Well, we call them “the embrace.” Each company that becomes (RED) places its logo in this embrace and is then elevated to the power of red. Thus the name — (PRODUCT)RED.”

Products that donate part of purchase


2 Responses to “INSPI(RED)”

  1. I am a Kenyan,living in New York City, I was very inspired by this campaign so i decided to gather all my friends to help raise the awareness.
    So i am launching a party on Marathon day at 5pm to 11pm at Papillion which is lacated at 22 e 54st between 5th and Madison. Papillon has sponcered us with space,food and bevarages. So anyone that comes to this event must wear items that supports this campaign.
    We are not collecting money or selling anything. But just getting people invole.
    Thank You

  2. Thanks and so nice of you to put this together but I won’t be in the city until later this month!

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