‘Training Tomorrow’s Great Hand Washers’


According to squidsoap.com “The research is clear. Dirty hands are a leading cause of the spread of infection and food-borne illness. Whether it’s due to laziness or lack of education – our failure to wash our hands is costing the U.S. economy billions every year and causing thousands of unnecessary illnesses and deaths.”


Don’t rush.
Think about it.
Wash them hands.

1. Push the pump :: a marker puts a small ink mark on your hand
2. Wash your hands thoroughly – until ink is gone :: 15-20 secs

Learn the steps via this :: video ::

You can buy the SquidSoap here

Post Scriptum: Similar product sold by Listerine – for cleaner teeth! Agent Cool Blue


2 Responses to “‘Training Tomorrow’s Great Hand Washers’”

  1. Well, which country’s people may need this kind of guidance to wash their hands properly? Are you refering to Afganistan or Iraq?

  2. Well, no. I believe this is referred to young children. I never targeted a “country”.

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