How we became human


cover.jpg I haven’t written an opinion in a while, simply because I’ve been satisfied with things.
But – coming across another article like this one in this week’s TIME magazine, struck
a nerve.

The secondary headline says:

“Chimps and humans share almost 99% of their DNA. New discoveries reveal how we can be so alike- yet so different”

While reading the article, I stumble on this: “Yet tiny differences, sprinkled throughout the genome, have made all the difference. Agriculture, language, art, music, technology and philosophy–all the achievements that make us profoundly different from chimpanzees and make a chimp in a business suit seem so deeply ridiculous–are somehow encoded within minute fractions of our
genetic code.”

Tiny differences, sprinkled throughout and almost 99% similarity are things we hear often. This would be my first reaction: I’m so tired of hearing these observations.
If you believe in evolution, you already have an opinion.
If you are a creationist, you already have an opinion.
Yet, read this article despite the opinions. There are some neat references to gene similarities and development. Nonetheless, I am always boiling up, because these articles are based on evolutionary theories or theories that are never explained in detail.What do I mean? For instance, David Reich of the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass., who compared DNA from chimpanzees and humans with genetic material from gorillas, orangutans and macaques – tells us that “Reich’s team also found that the entire human X chromosome diverged from the chimp’s X chromosome about 1.2 million years later than the other chromosomes. One plausible explanation is that chimps and humans first split but later interbred from time to time before finally going their separate evolutionary ways. That could explain why some of the most ancient fossils now considered human ancestors have such striking mixtures of chimp and human traitssome could actually have been hybrids. Or they might have simply coexisted with, or even predated, the last common ancestor of chimps and humans.”

Plausible explaination – yes. Can they publisize the math and the formulas they use to make these calculations? DNA, fossils, blah and blah. I will keep frowning, until a scientist decides not to underestimate my brain intake and knowledge and actually publisize [not in his novel] how he gets what I perceive as random, exaggerating numbers.



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  1. Also check this article

    by Kent Ham

    *thanks James

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