iPods, you just got Zuned


Microsoft’s new baby: The Zune

Release date: November 14, 2006

Price tag: $249.99 [I don’t get why people fall for the “$9.99” trick. And why don’t we just add tax to make our lives convenient?]

Perks: wireless technology = meaning entertainment funness awaits. The Zune pass is a new seller. For $14.99 [$15.00] you can get a month’s worth of tunes.

:: 30 Gigs, Zune to Zune file sharing, photos, video, radio and the usual.

“We’re infusing the spirit of discovery and sharing into everything we do — from the experience we crafted around the device and service to pre-loading music and videos on every device to expose people to something new.” [MS press release]

Wait – What? Expose us to something new? C’mon now. The only new aspect I notice is the brown colour.


One Response to “iPods, you just got Zuned”

  1. Wow-can’t wait to tranfer all my MS Playforsure to the zune. What…I can”t? Well, at least I can share my own tunes, the things I make myself. What…I can’t?!! This will be compatible with Vista or at least better than iTunes-right? You can’t even run the zune software on Vista! The zune will make an alright dedicated hard drive for files won’t it? No!!! If you think the zune is an answer to iPod conformity you are either profoundly delusional or a MS shill. Between the Nazi style DRM and the general uselessness of the zune soft & hardware, only a dope would buy this offering.

    Be clear the zune will fail and spectacularly at that. Presently-on Amazon the most popular zune is ranked lower than 50 in sales. Number one-the iPod. It will not and cannot become anything more than a testament to Microsoft’s incompetence which fortunately out strips their evil propensity towards domination, greed and veneration of “the man.”

    I’ll be keeping my “conformist” iPod until something better and cheaper comes along. Hasn’t happened yet, and if it does, it won’t be those chuckleheads at Microsoft.

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