Pants off Dance off


I’ve always skipped this show due to it’s title but today I decided to sacrifice some time and check it out. It was before 11pm so I figured it wouldn’t be as graphic. Yup – people pick a song, introduce themselves and strip to the music video. Uh huh –  on TV. Your english teacher, your dentist or even the guy that bags your food at the store could be on this show. Watch out.


Why? Seriously – why create such a show?


You can see pics, vids and vote online


I am disappointed with many TV shows and productions but I would rather DVR “Pimp my ride” every week instead of watching “Pants off Dance off” even for 2 minutes.


2 Responses to “Pants off Dance off”

  1. Wow that’s really unacceptable! But I guess there must be a lot of people who are interested in this type of show… whereever there’s demand, there’s supply. Sigh…

    P.S. Have you tried adding the “My Recent Tracks” onto your blog?

  2. P.S. reply: yes – i got it to work – thanks!

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