Open-minded books opening young minds to the world


Yes, as understood, this book tells young ones that everyone defecates.

Two opinions:

1. Everyone does it. Feel free to express this to your kids.
2. Everyone does it. But do we have to talk about it?

A review from Amazon nicely form the 2nd opinion: “We are told about big poop and little poop, animals that poop while moving and animals that poop from a stationary position, why and where people poop–in short, we get the scoop on poop. The pictures, far from Gomi’s best work, leave nothing to the imagination either. In case the message hasn’t sunk in, the final spread presents a chorus line of creatures, backsides forward, each producing poop. Call it what you will, by euphemism or by expletive, poop by any name seems an unsuitable picture book subject–a view not helped by this artless presentation.”

Another reviewer from the same link: “Later on, they are told that it comes in different shapes, colors, and smells, and that, depending on who is doing it, it is done in different places. The summarizing statement is that “all living things eat, so everyone poops.” However, there is never any explanation offered as to why. [wasn’t that just explained above?!] Overall, the text is merely a series of rather dull pictures [remember, you are an adult reading this book] of back ends of people on toilets and animals, with captions identifying them and occasionally posing questions such as “What does a whale’s poop look like?” (No answer is provided.) [have you forgotten what it’s like to have a bit of imagination?] There is even a little joke: “A one hump camel makes a one hump poop. And a two hump camel makes a two hump poop. Just kidding.” I wish I were. [grownups, geez]

— I bought this book for an English teacher/friend of mine. I know she will find the humour and the uniqueness of this publication – because she has never lost that imagination and funness [my own word] we had as kids.

Post Sciptum: This book was banned in Japan for some years and commenced its publishing in the U.S. in the early 90s. Furthermore, I was introduced to it in a Cultural Anthropology class.

Kane/Miller Books


One Response to “Open-minded books opening young minds to the world”

  1. Yeah I don’t understand why people have to be so negative about this book, there’s nothing wrong with it! I guess all those reviewers are against pooping then 🙂

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