Own a piece of the world


55 degree East Longitude & 25 degree North Latitude = The World [on the map]
300 islands mapping out the countries of our planet

The same group that built the Emirates Towers and the Royal Mirage are bringing you another grand attraction in Dubai. The World is now in a “taking shape” status.


One Response to “Own a piece of the world”

  1. 1 TJ

    This seems like something straight out of Neal Stephenson’s Diamond Age in which nano engineers had created ways to manifest new islands complete with vegetation and animal life using matter compilation technology. I guess we can do with out the nanotech for now if we’ll just settle for the islands.

    The islands seem so futuristic. In this case it seems like a future that will never be evenly distributed though. It’s an oil rich nation with no income tax on general business–only the incomes of oil production and banking are taxed. It would be difficult to find many places in the world more friendly to do business in. Dubai itself has tax free zones setup for specific industries like Internet City and Media City with new zones for finance, healthcare and others in the works (as of 2005)–amazing.

    I’d still love to visit sometime–it’s an attraction-repulsion reaction I guess. It was also highly recommended by a friend that vacationed there. It’s reported to be beautiful, bustling with activity, and under under contant development at a pace that also cannot really be observed anywhere else in the world. It’s also quite expensive, so I’m going to have to save for, like, years before a trip would be feasible.

    Apparently there’s going to be an island in The Wold named Missouri, haha. I wonder who will land on that one.

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