Smaller but cooler [maybe for some]


iPod shuffle

Originally uploaded by eason.

So the new iPod shuffle rolls out. You thought the Nano was uncomfortably tiny, well now here’s something smaller. I thought I would lose the Nano if I had it but I would definitely lose this guy. Clip it on my backpack or my sleeve? Why don’t I just make an iChip – stick it in me and we’re done…[we’re almost there, I know]

Don’t get me wrong, I like apple but I won’t give them my money each time a new gadget comes out and because they think I should have it to be cool. I enjoy my Creative Labs Zen Microphoto of 8 GB and 8 hrs battery time! I can feel its weight, look at a colour screen and have some sort of interaction.


2 Responses to “Smaller but cooler [maybe for some]”

  1. goldcoaster
    I agree with you. I can’t figure out why you would want a screenless player. hmm, I don’t get it maybe?

    I do have the nano, its great for podcasts (plus I drop it so often I would hate to have a hard drive model)

  2. Dan

    I like the new layout and colors. It’s nice.

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