Being trained to be God’s army


2 Responses to “Being trained to be God’s army”

  1. 1 Pat Duffy

    Wow. That was an extremely interesting film clip. I think it is amazing that people, especially children so young, can have such a conviction towards something. I say that more so becuase I don’t think there is something that I am that passionate about, which makes me sad and indifferent at the same time. It makes me sad becuase I don’t have the intense passion that these people have for God, even though I am a Cahtolic. But, it doesn’t make me sad becuase that means I speard my passion out among several differnet things that really interest me or that I am really passionate about, or at least I would like to think that that pasion is not wasted.

    Just my thoughts…=)

  2. 2 John

    I believe this file is a bunch of BS. Children are brain washed into believing in something so much so later on can be controlled by what they believe. And who tells them the god needs an army. And if they are gods army y do they have so much hatred for the people America is in war is it because god is telling this army to hate this people or is it some one els who manipulates this children and peers who are leading this. Jesus seas don’t hate and forgive and if some one slaps you turn you other chick. Show them love so you can be loved. Show them war and you will die…

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