Shop24 :: MovieMate :: Pizza


1. Shop24 :: Do you ever need a disposable camera, soap, milk, toothpaste or shaving cream in the night and all the mini markets are closed? Then find a Shop24!
6 ton machine :: Hundreds of products :: 20 more at least coming our way by March!


2. MovieMate :: Pre-order online and pick up or go straight to the machine, if Netflix is too much of a wait for you. MovieMate is there for you 24/7!

In some, you just select the movie you want, swipe the plastic and the movie pops out. In others, you can use a touchscreen and even preview a movie.

Want to see a demo of this fancy thing? Click here

3. Tombstone Pizza :: Choose your pizza and it will be ready in 90 seconds! Their deep dish pizza can now be prepared and served via a vending machine. Yum.
Snapshots of crazy vending machines [shopping for iPods, cigarettes, sushi etc.] can be found on Flickr, here.


5 Responses to “Shop24 :: MovieMate :: Pizza”

  1. Shop24 is actually a great idea. It may make more sense to have those in urban Europe than it would here. We have walgreens and other do-it-all stores all over the place.

    Completely irrelevant: the MovieMate animation of the walking girl is hilarious. Hmmm, I wonder if this thing would continue charging your credit card if you held on to the movie for too long. This would work well at fueling stations.

    I found this page of strange and wonderful Japanese vending machines a while back. Some of the machines appear to serve niche utilities such as the reverse vending machines, while others serve niche vices such as the the beer, cigarrete, porn, and used schoolgirl panty vending machines.

  2. 2 Liz

    They have a MovieMate type thing in the dorm buildings at SEMO. Convenient for students without transportation or a last minute need to watch a movie.
    I don’t know if yum is what I would think to describe a pizza cooked in a vending machine, but who knows!? How about lasagna, now that sounds yum!

  3. About the MovieMate deal, do they return the DVDs in a drop box? How does it work? Let me know if you know.

  4. 4 Teddy

    This thing is alsome in every freaking way

  5. ass parade
    6 rardevibrewErurb

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