Living the moment.


So I’m on my way to receive the tickets I won for the Blues Festival this weekend – worth $100 for Friday and Saturday, knowing that I wouldn’t attend today’s show since I had planned to go to a Japanese Festival tonight.

On my way to pick up the tickets, my friend suggested we eat pizza at this pizza place nearby for dinner. And I said, why not eat in a little bit for “linner”? I walked in with him to order the yummy Chicken Florentine pie pizza and offered the young man at the register, Friday’s tickets to this huge Blues Festival cause I hate throwing things like that away.
What’s funny is that he was just talking with his coworker about how much he wanted to go to this festival tonight. I made his day, by just following chances in my path and simply being nice and spontaneous I guess. Now, I could have charged him something for the $40 tickets, but I didn’t cause I got them for free anyway. So the huge, delicious Chicken Florentine was on the house for us! Fair trade, I must say.

I went up to the counter to share my compliments – it was indeed the best pizza I’ve had in this town. The lady at the counter said “awh” as if I was the cutest puppy she had seen and thanked me for my kind words.

Five minutes later, as I was on the phone with a friend, that lady left something on the table in front of me. She said “This is for you – a gift”, “Only the nice people receive these gifts”. It was a painting she had made, but scanned in an interesting way and added a glittery look to it. It was a framed piece of remarkable art. I was a bit taken by her gesture, yet thought it was the sweetest thing a “stranger” had ever done for me.
All four of us :: my friend, myself, the young man at the counter and this lady were a bit overwhelmed with positiveness, kindness and smiles. So much “good’ had happened in just a few minutes – all just based on coincindences. Or was it just that?

Just being nice can lead you to so much more in return. Or simply, make your day.

ps. what is something unique a stranger has done for you?


One Response to “Living the moment.”

  1. 1 Trashmouth

    One time I was walking my dog in the city, and it was a very hot day. Someone noticed that I didn’t have any water, and so she gave me her bottle for myself and the dog. I wasn’t really “in need” of it, but it was a nice thing she did.

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