Kakuro is the new Sudoku if you haven’t heard. My ex-roommate introduced it to me a couple months ago, but I was still hooked Sudoku at the time. If you are into mind puzzling/arithmetic games, try it out.
An entire blog on the game, at Krazydad

And free prints outs of Kakuro at all levels.

Same for Sudoku fans.

— image from krazydad.com

5 Responses to “Kakuromania”

  1. I too left Sudoku for Kakuro. English puzzlers will find easy ones in the Daily Mail. The Daily Telegraph starts with easy ones on Monday advancing to “Diabolical” on Friday.

    If you will excuse me plugging my own (free) website, there are some methods of solving the difficult ones on http://www.kakuronerd.com. There are also links to other sites which explain the more basic methods.

  2. 2 eNKay

    Kakuro is surely enough a better game than Sudoku. The latter actually bored me out a couple months after I started playing it. Since then, even though I still play it whenever I find it on a magazine, I have moved on to other games and puzzles, like Conceptis’ Pic-a-pix and link-a-pix. Also, logic puzzles opened up a true world of opportunities. Solitaire Battleships, Futoshiki, Howashikakero… there’s hundreds of cool logic games out there!

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