Back of the bus


What is this? I had to blink a couple times before realizing that it was true. A white bus drive ordered “black” kids to sit in the back two rows of a school bus, while the “white” kids could sit anywhere they wished.

It is sad to see this happen in the year of 2006 in a small farming town in northern Louisiana with a school district of 1,600 students.

The driver had been suspended without pay and I am interested to hear the results of the district’s investigation on Sept. 5.

Racism will take a while to fade – sad but true. And so will “labelling”
Which reminds me that St. Louis is the most racist city I’ve been to. Seeing how African Americans are looked at in grocery stores, constantly pulled over on the streets and even myself getting looks at my own university. I mean it went both ways. It is a diverse city but I have yet to feel this way in another city with any kind of “minority” if you will.

One Response to “Back of the bus”

  1. 1 Eddie Muller

    Racism is beautifull. It is love – love for your own kind.

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