Miss teen?


After watching something educational on the History Channel I decided to observe Miss Teen USA 2006. Oh joy.

I’ve played the guessing game of what age girls are at the mall, at work, anywhere really. Teenyboppers, Prostetots are other names for them… But seriously, it is scary to see 15-18 year olds start pampering themselves or do things to appear older.
The teens of the pageant looked like they were 19+. It shocks me because if someone asked me when I was fifteen “What can you not live without?” I would definitely not answer “my cellphone” in a valley girl accent but would probably say “my awesome bicycle” or “my friends and family”. I understand the factors of our society that have contributed to this rapid “growth” in looks and habits of the nowadays teens, but it worries me at to what my own kids (if and when that happens) will be doing at that age.

Rushing to live life = uncool. Take it step by step . I get made fun of all the time by my 16 year old cousins. “Geez Crystal, what were you wearing when you were 13?” I was a girl at 13 and a young woman at 16. I still played basketball with the boys and probably had my girly toys in my room. I find it “normal” rather than stocking up on Burts Bees lipgloss and Victoria Secret’s underwear.

When the questions round came up they asked them really simple questions and didn’t really get much of an opinion out of them. I mean if they are young adults why not ask them something worthy of knowledge rather than “what song best describes your life?”. C’mon.

Where I’m getting at? I hope these girls know how to take a glance at reality and not fear to slip into their snoopy pjs, have a sleepover and not worry about putting make up on in the morning 🙂


One Response to “Miss teen?”

  1. 1 Frank

    Propaganda by Edward Bernays may be of some interest to you.

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