Let me know


What do you refer to this continent/where you live as?

“America”, “North America”, “United States” or something else?

I ask because in most places abroad they teach you in school that the continents are the following: Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America.

Whereas here I believe, it is just “America” and maybe “The Americas”.

Curious to see what you would say.


6 Responses to “Let me know”

  1. 1 Frank

    I refer to it as North America instead of just simply America because of plate tectonics. Here’s a site showing how the plates of the world are split.

  2. 2 KJB

    I tend to say United States.

  3. Love the image of the tectonic plates, wish I had thought of showing something like that to “convince” some friends of mine as to why I refer to The Americas in hemispheres.

  4. 4 Trashmouth

    I usually say United States, but I also say America. I think America is a term that citizens of the United States can say when speaking to each other. However, if the talk is between citizens of different American countries, then it’s good to be more specific.

  5. are you sure about that dude?!

  6. sure about what?

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