The value of human life


Why is it that a human life is valued more than an animal’s?

I ask this in reference to the decision of putting an animal to sleep. I am aware that situations may vary, but I have never heard anyone say “Hey, lets put grandma to sleep. She is in pain and doesn’t seem happy”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


5 Responses to “The value of human life”

  1. To me I think it comes down to money. There is no health or life insurance for animals.

    We could put them through the same level of care but when it comes down to it, most owners don’t want to or cannot afford it.

    The fact that the life expectancy of an animal is so less than that of a human probably adds to it.

  2. 2 KJB

    This is a huge issue. I think it is very sad when one has to put an animal down. It is usually because they are on their last few days and are suffering. On the human side, I sort of wish we could do this for humans. I know they have a law in Oregon regarding assisted suicide. I reealize this is a huge moral issue, but I am going on record to say that I feel there is a point that humans could use a little help when they are suffering. I saw that point with my Grandmother and my Dad. Instead they just had to wait until their bodies expired. As painful as that was. (geez, aren’t you glad you asked? )

  3. “The fact that the life expectancy of an animal is so less than that of a human probably adds to it.” So true but also sad. Having worked at a pet hospital in the past, I saw both sides: those putting animals to sleep for financial reasons when they didn’t really “have to” at that point and then the other side where the pain suffering had reached its limit.
    I can see this being “helpful” for humans but it would definitely hit moral/ethical walls.
    There is health/life insurance for animals actually. It’s just another thing to be responsible for. WIsh pet owners could consider that early on.

  4. 4 Joel

    I think that humans have chosen to live an unnatural life and so their unnatural demise is appropriate. An animal does not live in human world by choice. Animals that have lived a normal healthy life deserve the right to die in a natural timeframe. Our desire to extend these animal’s natural lifespans is just that, our desire. An animal has no natural understanding of living far beyond their functional lives. We see the this natural process of life and death as cruel and inhumane, animals have no such sense. Granted– animals are often put down because of economic factors. Right decision, wrong reason.

  5. Did not know there was insurance for animals. Shows how well it’s publicized I guess!

    It also upsets me that animals are put down for biting, perhaps a once-lashout at a child who may very well have been messing with the animal.

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